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2021 Food Vendor Requests

 Food Vendor Requirements  (Please Read)

               Our Festival was founded in the City of Germantown with the intent and idea that the food vendors would represent local charities, clubs, and organizations within the Germantown City limits. To offer them a way to raise money for their organizations while teaming up with a food vendor. Our intent was to be a local hometown Festival that would pay back to the community by sponsoring those local organizations within the city that need fundraisers, without all the traveling food vendors that go from festival to festival across many states with the sole purpose of making money for themselves, then moving on.

 Some of the local Charities are exampled below.....  In most cases, food vendors (from anywhere) that represent themselves are asked to find a Germantown non-Profit such as the below list to team with.  A good example of this would be Domino’s Pizza. When they asked to join our festival, they teamed up with the Germantown lions club as their non-Profit and pay them a percentage of the profits. The Germantown lions club actually works the booth.

 Unfortunately, if you are a nonprofit organization outside the Germantown City then a vendor may not use you as there organization. On the other hand,

If your organization represented yourselves (whether a Profit or nonprofit) you would still have to team up with a nonprofit organization in the Germantown Area to make money for you and them.

 I hope this helps make it a little clearer. Our Decisions are based on Available spaces when they become available and the returning vendors from prior year. Types of foods cannot duplicate with other vendors, and the criteria discussed above. Returning vendors have the first priority for returning before we consider adding other vendors. We welcome all.

For More Information, or to see if you Qualify for our food Area, click link below....

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